Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Goodbye Girl (Red Market, #2) ~ Mary E. Palmerin & A. Giannoccaro

The Red Market is where every pound of flesh has a price tag tacked onto it. It is a place where money can buy you everything, even a heart.

Caesar has fallen and a new boss, Mateo, has risen; but he has lost his Lettie Doll and he doesn't know where to find her. She stole his soul and now he must find someone to replace her. Just like her love, his new power is an illusion. The real force behind the Red Market is about to show her cards and no one wants to play her game.

Mateo and Lettie will both have to fight to find their love, but sometimes it is only found in death. You cannot go through life unnoticed by demise when you play with it every day. Sooner or later, it catches up with you and you lose. 

**Graphic content warning. Taboo, violent themes prevalent throughout. Reader discretion is highly advised.***

This is not a pretty read.. You will have nightmares.. (I have)
It's sick, it's perverse, it's taboo it's gory and raw..

Simply put it was....

 Not only was the story line intense but we dealt with so MANY mental disorders..
We were taken through a horror ride where we got to see their triggers and what essentially made most of them go off the deep end.. Not they were very far from it to begin with..

SOOOO many secrets exposed.. There was never a moment of peace.. 
All the ulterior motives were dealt with.. Ghost made their Grand appearances...

There were some scenes as with the first book that were just 
insane.. More than anything scary because it happens, people do these things..
Gahhh it was CRAZY!!!!

Mateo and his Dolly issues....

The craziest part from all of this??
It had a Happy Ending!!
Yes it did..

and crazier for me to admit?
I was happy and content with it.. I accepted it..

Read at your own risk...

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