Sunday, March 22, 2015

Forbidden Love (Needle's Kiss, #3) ~ Lola Stark

Jude and Haven share a secret. One he willingly hides and she tries to forget, but it regardless, it has tied them together.

It's not until their relationship is discovered that Haven has a choice to make. She can pine for the man who walked away or choose a new path.

But secrets have a way of showing themselves, making it difficult for Haven to let go...

And when she does, can Jude live with the consequences?

I  love Lola Stark and even more I loved this series!! Conflicted Love was one of my favorites for 2014 

So I was super excited when I saw  Haven and Jude’s story was finally here.. 

Forbidden Love starts off exactly where Conflicted Love ended! But that's where it ALL ends!!!

I just couldn't grasp  those first few chapters and was totally disappointed with Jude, he just came across as such a coward.. This was supposed to be about Haven and Jude but it wasn't, they weren't “TOGETHER” . We did get some past history on them both and the chemistry they HAD shared but that's the problem.. HAD!!!. 

About 70% of the book was about Haven moving on and healing with glimpses of Jude in the far, far background regretting a lot
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the writing and this story definitely did a number on me.. 
I couldn't stop the water works!!  
(unfortunately I can't say why without ruining the actual story-line)..  
But I felt as if I was reading about a different couple I kept wanting a miracle a HEA for someone else!

 photo 6875589_zpsd8691d73.gif

Although this story was about forbidden love & second chances I just couldn't forgive and get over the fact that Jude didn't  fight for her when he should have even though he was there when it most counted I guess..
The story ended up being about Haven not Jude and Haven which was my issue throughout!! 

I would have loved  a longer epilogue where we got to see Jude grovel more or prove he deserved Haven and that HEA!!

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