Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wolf (Evil Dead MC, #4) ~ Nicole James

The Evil Dead Motorcycle Club gave Wolf his nickname. They said it was because women stood about as much chance with him as Little Red Riding Hood stood against The Big Bad Wolf. And maybe that was true.

For Wolf, when it comes to his club, he’s all about loyalty. He loves his brothers, he loves the freedom of the road, and he loves his independence. When it comes to women, Wolf is all about the chase. He likes the hunt, he likes the challenge, and he loves women. And for the hot-as-hell badass biker, they’ve always come too easily. But they never fully satisfy him.

That is, until he met Crystal.

Buried under that hard-edged sexy-as-sin tomboy with the smartass mouth that can put any brother in the MC in his place, is a feminine side she only reveals when pushed. And Wolf is just the man to push. Problem is she’s the only woman to ever push back. Which only makes him more determined to have her.

Life in the Evil Dead MC isn’t easy, and neither is loving one of them. It’s a life that can leave a man scarred and bloody. And sometimes the fallout is far reaching and takes more than a man is willing to give.

It can be just as risky for any woman brave enough to love one of them.

The scars of life run deep, for both of them.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you a fairytale, sometimes you have to make your own.

And sometimes it takes a spitfire to tame a hell-raiser.

The Evil Dead MC series is on my top favorites as a Must Read for MC Lovers.
I was dying for Wolf's story and boy was I put through the ringer!!
This addition had Angst and I LOVED IT..

We got to see Crystal for all she was worth and she kicked some major ass.. she was definitely NOT the door mat I had her pegged for Thankfully..
When enough was enough.. she walked.. No scratch that she Strutted her ass right out of there and didn't look back, had no qualms with starting over..
Hell Yea Go CRYSTAL!!

Wolf was your typical bang em' and leave em' bad boy, allergic to any real commitment and rarely went back for seconds.. With the exception of Crystal! he went back for seconds, thirds, hell he knew he can get his fill with no attachments, no ones feelings getting hurt and definitely no LOVE involved.  Or so they thought!!

This MC series is on my Favorites List because we always get the element of suspense.
We get to witness the bond these men share with their club brothers.
We get the Hot, Sexy scenes and we get great back stories on all these Hot, Possessive, Alpha's.. and Wolf's story came with the added bonus of Angst!!

Another fantastic addition to this series that only keeps getting better and better. Next up is Ghost and it can't come soon enough!!

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