Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bang Switch (Code 11 - KPD SWAT, #3) ~ Lani Lynn Vale

Lachlan Downy was a lover, not a fighter. 

Okay, he wouldn't lie, he was a fighter, too. But nobody had to know that. Especially not Memphis Tennessee Conner and her stuffy attitude when it came to cops and ‘men like him.’ 

Memphis knew cops. Her daddy was a cop. He was also the president of a motorcycle club. Needless to say, he’s about as alpha as they come, and she’s tired of overbearing men who think they know how to run her life better than she does. 

So when Downy comes into her life running his smooth talking mouth, she realizes that she’ll have to stand strong against his pretty words and promises to give her what she needs. 

Downy is determined, though. 

He’s the hostage negotiator for KPD SWAT, and he’s never met a person, man or woman, he couldn't talk around into his way of thinking. 

Although, Memphis is about to show him just how much he miscalculated. 

Seems Downy may not be as smooth as he thought, and Memphis is just the girl to show him the error of his ways. 

Memphis knew what it meant to be the sole focus of "Men like Him" she grew up surrounded by it and left it behind her. She did everything she could to be independent and relied on herself to get where she wanted to be. But being so young and stubborn as well as having a bunch of obstacles thrown at her...
 lead her straight into Downy's arms.

Downy was just getting his feet wet at different duties with his SWAT team and with a few 
of his own disastrous events seemed to draw into himself. All this while trying to start an actual relationship with Memphis something neither one of them were used to as well as having a whopping age gap between them.

I have devoured everyone of these books but have to sadly admit this one just didn't do it 
for me.
It still had tons that I've learned to look forward to like the loyalty, humor and steamy hot scenes but it lacked the connection between Downy & Memphis.

Downy seemed to blame their issues on the age difference when in reality he was sort of 
the immature one - he ignored Memphis and closed in on himself and somehow thought Memphis could read minds and know what was going on. He then expected her to disregard 
all his f@*#k ups but somehow managed to make it seem as if what went wrong was her fault.. She definitely forgave him WAY to quickly

There were a few scenes that threw me for a loop but the plot was great, the action was 
non stop and Downy & Memphis were hands down the hottest couple I've read in this series.. Downy was a serious Dirty Talker and Memphis brought out the kinky in him!!
Hey not loving one book out of all I've read by Lani Lynn Vale is still amazing and I seem
 to be the minority in my thoughts anyway since everyone else LOVED it.. 

Can't wait to continue catching up with the rest of  KPD's SWAT team..   

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