Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Virgin Duet ~ Alexa Riley

A gorgeous, obsessive, billionaire alpha.

A curvy, sassy bombshell from the wrong side of the tracks.

Both virgins...

When Becs and Bray make an arrangement, they have no idea what it will lead to - sexual desires and lust that cannot be contained.

Will Bray let chaos rule his perfect world?

Will Becs let love into her cold heart?

Will Kindles ignite from the sexual heat? There's only one way to find out...

Warning: Flaming Kindles may cause serious injuries. Please read responsibly.

OCD control freak meet Spunky carefree Virgin

Absolute Pure Smut
Smut at it's Best...

If you want a quick hot read to make you blush and look over your shoulder JUST to make sure no ones looking, squirm in your seat while still making you laugh? Then you need to add Alexa Riley's books to your list..

Need to mention how much I love the cover.. it's so innocent looking but oh so sexy!!
Second the title is SO fitting LOVE IT!!

Predictable? Meh somewhat but super FUN and STEAMY.. 
Bray was a Control freak, OCD to the Nth and yes he was loaded, he was filthy rich and mysterious... Everything in his life was orderly but yet understated..
Becs was carefree, spunky but still a bit guarded when it came to letting people in. She grew up in foster care, now on her own and barely managing. 

Becs turns Bray's world upside down, inside out and he loves it..
Just can't seem to careless other than wanting to protect her against all the sharks in his world as well as from himself..

This was a SUPER HOT SCORCHING read..
Rebecca is Bray's little fairy his Tink and there is Nothing he won't do to protect her! 
nothing except actually TELL her how much he Loves her and with Rebecca harboring insecurities.. You guessed it crazy sh*t happens.. 
But in the end we get to see them make up and get their HEA!!
 **waggles eyebrows** can't ask for anything more..

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