Saturday, July 11, 2015

Filthy 6 (Filthy Serial, #6) ~ Megan D. Martin

The sixth and final installment in the Filthy serial novel.

Faye’s life had finally come together, things were finally falling into place—until he ruined it. 
Rhett shattered her heart and destroyed everything.
Faye did what she does best—she ran. 
But this time things are different. She’s different. He’s different. 
And maybe it’s too late.

WOWZER...Some much needed closure!!
I absolutely Loved where it took me and now see and understand the why's to the way the 
5th installment ended.. Megan Martin did an excellent job at taking us through this crazy, 
sick, sordid story while still managing to give us a Happy Ending!!

Through all the pain, hate, addiction and ugliness FAYE endured she still managed to 
come out on top.. And I applaud her.. for her strength.. and her will to survive.. 
even when there was no comfort in sight. EVERYONE she loved turned their backs on her till the very end, even though one had good intentions at heart..

RHETT was consumed with guilt, especially when he realized he didn't let himself see 
what was right in front of his face. I'm guessing he always had this darkness lurking but somehow  kept it at bay. 
Once he made up his mind he moved on.. But was never able to Forget.
Until 6 years later fate took over!!

 I don't want to get into the final installment and give anything away accidentally but I will 
say it was a fantastic ending.
With a HEA although somewhat dark since we were reading about some seriously broken individuals but as happy as can be expected..

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