Friday, March 25, 2016

Drifter (MC Sinners Next Generation, #2) ~ Belle Jewel

They say opposites attract. In my world that isn’t a good thing.
I did everything I could to escape the grips of motorcycle club I grew up in when I turned twenty-one.
It wasn’t about fear, or betrayal, or even lack of love. I just needed my own life.
I had to know how it felt to stand on my own two feet without their protection.
Then I met Diesel. Mysterious, dark, with eyes that screamed to be understood.
From the second I met him, I knew I needed to be in his life.
There’s just one problem – he’s a member of a different motorcycle club.
Two things that should never be combined. Yet I can’t stay away.
No matter how hard he pushes. I can see beyond his mask.
I need to know who he is and I’ll overcome any obstacle to be in his life.
A friendship is born, followed by an epic love.
Our relationship is forbidden.
But I’ll do anything to be in his life.

This was  another fantastic spin off of Bella Jewel's MC series..
We get to meet the offspring's of 2 badass biker clubs..

**Cheesy Grin**

So what do you do when you've met one of the hottest, broodiest bad boys ?
One who's a royal ass-hole, is dating one of the meanest heffer's in school and
 somehow manages to rock your world and throw you for a loop at every encounter??
You Befriend him of course!!

I felt as if I was reading a merging of sorts ~ mean girls/gossip girls hopping over through the screen to Sons of Anarchy..
It was funny but sad, it was sexy and sweet but then you get that WTF? moments
With the college drama but also the Club drama..

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.. Especially when it comes to Love..

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