Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The One ~ Kristin Vayden

When your best friend is also your boss, ‘great ideas’ aren’t always optional.
After all, when you run the largest fashion, gossip and trend blog in the country, you got to take risks to keep it edgy.
Believe me. This is edgy.
The idea? For one week, date every male fantasy.
The list?
The Jock
The Rock star
The Billionaire
The Stepbrother

See how they are all crossed off except one? That’s because he’s Satan.
And Scottish.
And my best friend’s stepbrother.
And there may or may not have been an incident in Jr. high that he hasn’t forgiven me for…but that’s history.
Or so I hope, because I’m at his mercy for the next week…

This was an amazingly wonderful read!!
It was by Kristin Vayden a new to me author I will definitely keep on my radar..
The story was funny and engaging..
The characters were well developed in such a short story and you couldn't help but 
keep those pages turning trying to see what other disastrous date Merry would be set on..

It was such a cute, sexy, fr-enemy type scenario I thoroughly enjoyed  
wouldn't mind reading a sequel with Roxi and "Her One"

An overall fast paced, sexy-sweet plot with a few fun secrets revealed along the way
And a Scottish Brogue that will have your panties melting off

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