Friday, October 2, 2015

Kill Shot (Code 11 -KPD Swat, #6) ~ Lani Lynn Vale

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bennett had the world in the palm of his hands when he was sixteen, then he allowed his dick to do the thinking for him. 

That one night changed his life, giving him a child that would forever alter the course of his life, and an ex that was a crazy nut case on the best of days. 

With the help of his parents, he went into the Navy, becoming the SEAL that he always wanted to be. However, with that came a price. 

A price he wasn’t willing to pay anymore once his little girl started to realize why he wasn’t there. So he came home and joined the local SWAT team, starting his life anew, just his daughter and him. 

Then he meets the cute little physician’s assistant that looks down at him like one would an annoying fly, and he finally realizes just what he’s been missing. 

Something that takes his mind off of the challenge of everyday life. Someone that dares him to be a better father and police officer. 

And Lennox is one hell of a motivator. 

Their relationship starts off rocky as the two of them circle each other like opponents ready to do combat rather than two civil adults. Every day brings a new battle for the two of them to overcome, and before they realize it, they’ll be fighting for each other instead of against each other. 

Because there’s one woman who doesn’t want either one of them to be happy…especially not together. 

Bennett & Lennox sitting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G
Well these two did way more than kiss that's for sure!!

BENNETT definitely met his match with LENNOX.. she was all hard core steal on the outside but so vulnerable and insecure on the inside which was perfect IMO...
Lennox was all sass and heart but you had to earn that love...
Bennett wasn't dealt an easy hand but being the Bomb Diggity single Dad won him some serious brownie points..

I was so ready for Bennett's' story and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to see the Dad, Swat member and Lover all in one and boy was he the total package!! There were only a few instances I could have knocked him across the head but in all honesty I could see where he was coming from.. Although communication would have been key.. 
Just saying! 

Lennox was the total package kick-ass, Smart, Ambitious and Loyal.. Once she let those walls down she was all in....
She was fiercely protective of Reagan, didn't beat around the bush when she wanted o get her point across and had a heart of gold!

Again another fun, witty, action packed story..  Tons of laugh out loud moments with sill that attention grabbing undertone of suspense.. I cannot emphasis enough how much I enjoy catching up with old characters and getting the lay of the land on what comes next!!!

P.S.  so happy no favorite pets died during this installment not sure I could have taken another shocker like that.. I'm still not over (you know who..)

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