Monday, October 19, 2015

The Darkest Frost Vol 2 ~ Tanya Holmes

The job seems simple enough at first: go undercover and catch her best friend’s killer. But psychic detective Denieve Knight gets more than she bargained for when she enters Dr. Braeden Frost’s estate as a “housekeeper.”

She's supposed to be sleuthing, not falling under the spell of the enigmatic doctor and his irrepressible, hellion of a brother, Xavier.

Now after two months of working for the man known as “Dr. Death,” she's entangled in a web of secrets and lies. Each discovery only leads to more questions. Though faced with declining health and a storm of confusing feelings and simmering passion for both brothers, Denieve is determined to uncover the truth---consequences be damned. Yet the truth may prove deadly once she discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

So happy to reacquaint myself with Braeden & Xavier. Volume 2 picked up right where we were left off... Continued taking us for a ride and answered all of my questions.
Xavier was the leading man and hero in this installment.. A wonderful brooding asshole!!! Just how I like them..
He showed us all his sides and they ALL won me over.. 

We got all of the background, learned about their kind and all this while watching Denieve struggle with her emotions and not own up to what she truly felt!! Denieve was a mess up until the end, she had to have things literally spelled out for her and kept making the wrong choices over and over again.
 Not until the very end did she realize all would weave into One nicely wrapped package..

Would have loved an Epilogue but I guess in some way due to Caryn we know whats in store for them!

This was such a unique world to read about.. The Duo-logy had a great vibe, steady plot and tons of twists and turns that left you glued to your seat through out!
Definitely a Must read for anyone that loves paranormal romance with a heavy emphasis on mystery and jaw dropping surprises!

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