Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Starkest Truth (Breaking Insanity, #2) ~ Courtney Lane

This is not a romance.

After her recent nuptials, Nikki Brenton is quickly thrust into a world she once avoided. Unable to adjust, her unhealthy addictions begin to tempt her and threaten to poison more than her sanity.

Nothing has ever been peaceful for Eric Brenton, and his life with Nikki is no exception. The past he suppressed has returned to wreak havoc on his life. He quickly discovers he can’t avoid his past, because it’s ready to attack him where he is most vulnerable.

When the truth is as subjective as reality, the line between trust and doubt is tested; for Nikki and Eric the line may come dangerously close to disintegrating. 

Love these Warnings!!! Lets me know I'm in for one hell of a ride...
Content contains descriptive violence, graphic sex, coarse language, and scenes that some readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is strongly advised.


Reading TST was like being dropped off in the middle of an endless maze..
It was Wickedly Complex, Twisted, Gritty and Dark!!
So many players this time around Eric and Nikki are basically the pawns...

Eric was hands down one of the cockiest most sadistic, manipulative, narcissistic SOB's 
I've had the pleasure of reading about..   He's the type of Asshole you'll Hate to Love..
He'll have you creaming your panties while scaring you straight!

Eric was this beautiful demented man..
In The Sordid Promise he was untouchable, cunning and fearless..
We definitely got to see the Ethan side of him through his nightmares and what bits and pieces he fed Nikki of his damaged past..
He somehow managed to get snared in one of the many webs he's weaved - literally stuck
Oh what tangled webs we weave!!

Nikki just needed someone to confide in, a friend..
Just one Damn Friend!!!
But no one was stupid enough to dare extend that Olive Branch, they knew their 
lives would never be the same...

There were so many secrets, so many lies and deceit
I felt as if I was on a never ending roller coaster where the biggest drop was stuck on replay 
Over and Over again.
It was a total mind Fuck!!

It was bitter sweet to see Nikki start off so strong and then slowly start to come undone!!
She never once held her tongue no matter the consequence.. But she was no match for Eric
nor his sordid past..
Due to obvious reasons old and new she couldn't be 100% honest with Eric she held something's back to protect her heart and others to protect him.. But as they say no good deed goes unpunished and so it set off a chain of disastrous events!!

That ending!!! 
So much left unanswered, so many new players...
We were left with organized chaos..
I need to know...

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