Monday, August 22, 2016

Unexpected Circumstances Book Seven: The Devastation ~ Shay Savage

Although Branford is broken and desperate, he finds himself with no choice: He must declare war against Hadebrand, or Edgar’s evil darkness will envelop the commonwealth. Silverhelm’s army is grossly outnumbered, but Branford underestimates the people’s love for their commoner queen. The people rise up in support of their beloved regent, and Branford sees a glimmer of hope for his wife. He becomes more determined than ever to make up for his previous failures and secure the future of his kingdom.

With their murderous intentions, the treacherous King Edgar and Princess Whitney must pay for what they have done. They must not be allowed to destroy everything the people hold dear.
With but faint hope in his heart, Branford gathers his people and marches toward the castle in Hadebrand, gathering allies along the way. With the support of other noble families, Branford will have to find the strength to fight for the very survival of his own.

He sees only one path: the annihilation of his enemy.

Abso~freaking~lutely Fantastic!!!
This was the FINAL installment and what an ending..

I definitely got my historical Romance fix with this.. But it was unique to anything I've read before it had a mix of suspense and mystery.. It had angst, it had heart break, it had some really Hot scenes..

I was hooked from the first book with Alexandra's innocence's and Brandford's need for vengeance what a pair those two would make.

If you've been following this series as I have it's been a nail biter, 
Kindle flinging, edge of your seat type of read!! with all the cliff hangers and jaw dropping moments..
Shay Savage has managed to wow me yet again!!

Obviously there were some upset readers.. I was one of them as well but hey the story kept true to what she wanted and I have to say as gut wrenching as some parts were to get through I devoured Every. Single. Moment of it and to be honest I wouldn't want to change a thing.

I won't get into the story but I will end this short and to the point review by saying I felt SO much while reading this series and that's something that I always crave when I pick up a book!!

So beware because there were triggers and situations some will NOT LIKE but in the end to each their own!


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