Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bound with Honor (Regency Reimagined #4) ~ Megan Mulry

Lord Archibald Cambury, Marquess of Camburton, has never wanted for anything . . . except normalcy. Although he adores both of his loving mothers, and his vivacious twin sister with her two husbands, he wants a wife. One wife. Full stop. Is that so much to ask?

Miss Selina Ashby appears to be everything Archie has always wanted in a marchioness: demure, soft-spoken, and pretty, with a quick mind and delectable humor. Yes, she is a bit forward, but he chalks that up to youth. Yes, she has a very particular friend in Beatrix Farnsworth, but he chalks that up to loyalty. He is a lord; she is a lady; they are in love. And so they marry. That should be the end of it.

But when Archie discovers that his wife is as passionate with her particular friend Beatrix as he is with his particular friend Christopher, his world is shattered. He must decide if Selina’s love is big enough for both of them—and whether normalcy is truly more important than the love he feels for both the man and the woman who have become so dear to him.

Archie won my heart over from the start.. With His need for propriety and order
His sinfully wicked thoughts !!

Selina was this quirky, eccentric woman with her head in the clouds a vision of innocence..
But it's all in the appearance that's for sure!!

Selina knew what she wanted and went after it not a care to what was right and wrong and sought out happiness and contentment, she was not willing to put aside her wants and needs. While on the other hand Archie couldn't see past what was socially acceptable and was blinded by how he thought things should be. He never judged or condemned others but sacrificed so much of himself... Thinking that was what he wanted..

The story was very steamy and it all came to play out as it was intended.. 
I just felt as if Selina would have never put Archie first, she wasn't willing to bend although she did Love him. You'll have to read Bound with Honor to see how the story fully unfolds. Archie was not a prude by any means. He just needed a little nudge in.. Selina's case a kick in the arse.. But he did finally come to terms..     

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