Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Unexpected Circumstance Book Two: The Seduction ~ Shay Savage

As Alexandra tries to conform to her new life, she soon discovers that betrayal lies inside the castle walls. When noblewomen plot against her, Alexandra ends up on the receiving end of Branford’s rage. Earning the trust of her wary husband will be no easy task for the young handmaid.

Branford may know his way around their bedchamber, but he’s finding himself ill-prepared to handle the duties of both prince and husband. His missteps bring down the wrath of the queen, and he will have to do everything in his power to atone for his transgressions. Branford must find a way to open his heart to his new wife if either of them has a chance of overcoming the treachery ahead.

OOh the drama is brewing and the evil doers are coming out of the woodwork!!
This is playing out like a soap opera and I'm loving every minute of it!!

In this installment we find out why Branford only trusts so very few.
A bunch is clarified between Alexandra and Brandford and we find out who Lily is..

And the steam is starting to rise!!!
So ready for the next

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