Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Knot (Wake Family, #1) ~ M. Mabie

He knows everything.
She has all the damn answers. 

I’ve always been a free spirit. It’s my nature.
I crave control, but with her it’s far more. 

He’s a power hungry climber.
Her wealth could buy and sell me. 

It’s too much pressure being the center of anyone’s focus.
She underestimates my desire for her, my need to please just her. 

When he’s vulnerable, it’s hard to deny him.
Her crooked smile cripples me. 

He hides his demons, but I’m no fool.
She thinks not committing to anyone makes her more honest. She’s wrong. 

A man like him deserves someone who can offer that kind of love.
She promises nothing, yet I feel like a king when she says my name. 

I never let anyone possess me like he did. Not before. Not after.
My greatest regret was compromising. I should have never held back. 

Still, when we’re apart I’m not myself.
I miss the days when she was just down the hall. 

He’s better off without me, and it hurts.
The ugly truth is I need her more than she needs me. 

Our relationship was born out of lust and curiosity.
The lies we told ourselves killed it. 

Together, we found Nirvana.
We learned it was all a mirage. 

I ruined him.
I broke her heart. 

I keep coming back.
I can’t let her go. 

KNOT is a contemporary romance and a complete standalone. It is the first spin-off from the best-selling Wake Series. You do not need to read BAITSAIL, or ANCHOR to enjoy this book in its entirety, but if you love angst you'll enjoy them, too.

First I want to say that even though this was a stand alone spin off 
It takes off right after someones **ahem** wedding...
I was team Reagan & Nora as soon as I met them!!
This book consumed me I was hoping and wishing for their HEA through out!!
And the Angst oh boy the Angst..
I was smirking one second and blurting out WTF's the next 
This was filled with TONS & TONS of feels!!

Nora's exterior portrayed this very sexually independent female
She didn't beat around the bush about her NON EXISTANT expectations when it came to relationships.. And lived her life as such without a care, no strings attached
what will be will be!!!!

Reggie on the other hand lived a controlled life, a numbers man.. Very Confident and sure of himself a total ALPHA!!! with some quirks...he did not want to put up with Nora's games anymore and made that very clear.. Also made her very aware that he wanted HER!!..

Both of these characters were so strong and stubborn but true to themselves 
they both kept me flipping pages
wanting to throttle them both yes BOTH!!!
Events occurred, situations where taken as challenges and finally 
Sweet Sweet Victory!!

There is so much to look forward to in this book!!
Love, Angst, Sexy times, Scorching HOT times,
Hilarious moments, WTF!!!! moments, Total Yummy Alpha moments and 
a heroine you will like no matter her faults!!

M. Mabie has proven to me that she's an auto buy author..
I fell in love with her writing when I picked up The Wake series earlier this year 
and it became abundantly clear after reading Knot that she's just that amazing!!!!

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