Monday, July 11, 2016

Unexpected Circumstances Book Four: The Shortcoming ~ Shay Savage

As the bond between Alexandra and Branford grows, they each have their hopes for the future. Alexandra finds new friendship with the girl she rescued from a cruel master, and slowly embraces her noble role. It seems as though everything in their lives has become as smooth as silk.

But war is on the horizon.

The neighboring kingdom of Hadebrand has amassed an army, and Branford must leave his new wife to right for his people against insurmountable odds. Alexandra must hold her terror inside of herself while her husband is away, and set an example for the people of the kingdom.

As the war comes to an end, there is only one thing on Branford’s mind. But how will Alexandra overcome her anguish when she can’t give her husband the one thing he must have?

I waited as long as I could before picking up this book 


I was scared.. plain and simple after seeing the title for the next installment 
and caught a few hints on some earlier reviews..

OOOh man this one hit me hard in the feels..
Branford was an absolute pain in my butt!! His mood swings are enough to 
give anyone whiplash..

Alexandra in my opinion has regressed she still cries and flinches constantly 
when there really isn't a reason for her to do so.. 
Yes she was naive but she was never beaten..
So why the fear??
She now isn't afraid to initiate their pleasure and ask for other things..
But still has to overcome so MUCH!! 
This will DESTROY her!!!
Hell me for that matter..

I need the next installment NOW!!!

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