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Restoring Jordan ~ Elizabeth Finn

Restoring Jordan

Restoring Jordan by Elizabeth Finn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


When Adeline Parker decides to celebrate landing a coveted internship at one of Chicago’s most prestigious architectural firms by indulging in a brutally dark and handsome man, she gets more than she bargained for.

Lost in a maze of hallways on the first day of her new position, she stumbles headlong into a boardroom of suits. Very expensive suits. They are the somebodies of this prestigious firm, and she is, by all accounts, the very definition of a nobody. And sitting at the table with the rest of the principals from the firm is a man—the very man who unwittingly deflowered her only days before.

From the look of it, Jordan Ellinwood is none too happy to see her again; by his own admission, he’s a one-night-stand man, and the fact she conned him into taking her virginity isn’t sitting well with him either. But as her path is inextricably attached to his, their closeness will no longer be a choice.

As an intern, she’s off-limits, and that says nothing of the fact he’s twelve years older than she is. But when coworkers bent on jealousy and resentment threaten her reputation and internship, the long-dormant emotions Jordan has so effectively stifled fight to break free. And as he struggles to get out of his own way long enough to let her see his compassion, her career is jeopardized and leaves him fighting with every last ounce of himself to save her.

Will it be enough? Can he overcome his emotional shortcomings in time to rescue her future and his own—now so very attached to hers?

My Review:

4.5 I want a Hero like Jordan stars!!

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Here's another one of those books you want to kick yourself for waiting so long to read.
From beginning to end it kept me engaged and had a great flow..
Even though Jordan wasn't able to voice his Feelings, his every action screamed his Love!

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Adeline was shy but stood her ground with Jordan even though at times I wanted her to be as strong when it came to confronting her peers.. but I was able to understand her insecurities.

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The Super Sizzling smex scene's which I've come to look forward to in Elizabeth Finn's books did not disappoint!!!

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I anxiously look forward to her next story..
All in All a Perfect read!!

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