Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stage Dive Series ~ Kylie Scott

Deep (Stage Dive #4) Coming soon....

Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic New Adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, 

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5 Finally Stars.....
Another one of those Why the F#%K did I wait till now to read !!!

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I should have definitely known better..I loved Kylie Scott's Zombie Flesh series to death.. Haha
This had it ALL lust, some pretty steamy sex scenes, humor, the tiniest tiny bit of angst, great secondary characters, great flow with the troubled bad boy, but not a total a-hole Stud muffin and a non Whiney realistic heroine which I thought was just perfect!

Loved, loved, loved! On to Mal..

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5 Will Never Be Enough Stars for Mal...

Mal??? This is for you

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I can't even describe how much I Loved this book!
Every other word out of Mal's mouth had me either laughing, giggling, smirking or snickering.. He had this wicked sense of humor that was Hot, Endearing and Vulnerable all at the same time.

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Anne was PERFECT for him.. Bless her soul lol.... She had the patience of a saint and gave it to him right back
This book was amazing! another smooth flowing tale with a dirty talking, super funny and adorable hot rocker bad boy that found the right girl when he needed her the most.. What I also loved about this one is Mal wasn't the typical damaged hero.. He just had some issues to deal with and was having difficulty coming to terms with them.
This series is just getting better and better..

Mal babe you have just landed the #1 spot on my book boyfriend shelf!

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Flesh Series ~ Kylie Scott

Flesh~  Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.
When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.
Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.
When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilisation.
Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three band together to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands.
NOTE: This story is rated "Hot" (4 out of 5 flames) and contains M/F/M and F/M pairings.

Skin~ Six months since the zombie plague struck, former librarian Roslyn Stewart has been holed up in a school with eight other survivors. But now the shelves in the school canteen are bare. The stranger at the gate has supplies that will ensure the group’s ongoing survival, but at a cost. He wants a woman.
Nick is a man with a plan. He’ll treat Roslyn like a Queen, devoting the rest of his life to protecting and providing for her. In exchange, of course, for sexual favours. It’s the deal of the century given the state of the world. But Roslyn doesn’t see it that way. The first chance she gets she attacks the ex-army man and attempts to escape, forcing Nick to contain her. And so begins his awkward courtship of the woman, with her chained to the bed for security reasons.
Chained like a dog and forced to spend her every waking moment with a creep, albeit a good looking one, Ros is determined to escape. When circumstances force them to band together against a common enemy their very survival depends on their ability to learn to trust each other. An uneasy partnership develops, but can a relationship with such a difficult beginning ever have a future?

Room with a View~ Natalie has watched as the zombie plague devastated civilisation.
Angus had been a miracle. Twenty-three years old and gorgeous he had appeared like Romeo from the pool area and thrown supplies up to her balcony. But now Angus is gone – abandoned her, which is probably for the best. She couldn’t stand to watch him die too.
Stranded four floors up and fenced in on all sides by the infected, food and water supplies are running as low as Natalie’s spirits. A lingering death from starvation seems inevitable.
But then she sees Angus striding for the pool gate with a sawn-off shotgun in his hands. Can he make it past the infected to reach her? And what will it mean if he does?

So I was perusing Amazon (for a while)and wanted something different, engaging and Hot.. And I really hit the jackpot with this one.. Kylie Scott was a new to me author but the cover drew me in along with the blurb and I think I'd watched "I am Legend" w/ Will Smith recently and fell in Love with that move also was reading Joss Ware's Envy Chronicles series.. (which this sort of reminded me of but on a much more STEAMIER level).. I was sold!

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SOOO the steam factor, mystery aspect , with tons of suspense and that nagging unknown vibe while trying to get away from zombie's and still get a bit of humour in the mix had me pulling an all nighter so I was definitely on to the next and the next!!

I just need to mention AGAIN it was HOT...
And Kylie Scott has been placed on my auto buy list!! 

The Flesh series is one of my favorite of all times and I ALWAYS recommend!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mob Mistress (The Bossman #2) ~ Renee Rose

When Chicago hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman.

Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man.

Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he's no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn't have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.

Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?

**Publisher's Note:  This book contains spanking, anal punishment and erotic sex scenes. If such material offends you, do not buy this book!

5 Let ME be your Sugar Baby stars!!!

Lexi is proposed an offer she cannot refuse given her current circumstances.. It defifinitely goes against her moral standards but when it comes from Bobby a sexy as sin Italian Stallion how's a girl supposed to say NO?

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I really enjoyed The Bossman so this was a very, very pleasant Suprise!
What a fun concept... Who doesn't fantasize about a Sugar Daddy? and to get a Sweet, Possessive, Hot Kinky and Domineering one at that!!!
 Hell I couldn't put this read down..

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This was a fantastic read that left me wanting more Bobby and Lexi!!
Hopefully there's more to come and we get to see glimpses of them like we did with Joey & Sophie.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Rules Regarding Gray ~ Elizabeth Finn

The Rules Regarding Gray

Gracelynn is drowning in an existence that fails to fulfill her. A ballerina by trade, she’s devoted her life to the stage, sacrificing adventure for discipline. When her boyfriend gives her permission to want what she’s not supposed to want, can she walk away? Or will she leap?

Jasper isn’t a man with many boundaries, and “sharing” a woman with his best friend is hardly a new endeavor. But the moment he meets Gracelynn he realizes she’s different. She leaves him feeling alive in a way he’s not used to, and for the first time in his life, he understands what it means to be wanted… Cherished… And he needs more…

But there are rules—rules that forbid Jasper from truly having her. As forbidden desire spirals out of control, Jasper has to decide if he’s willing to fight for something that doesn’t truly belong to him. His best friend doesn’t deserve her, but is Jasper strong enough to believe he does?

Damn Jasper was one hot, kinky, dirty talking, panty drenching SOB!!
Damn the mouth on him was just Mmmmmm Mmmmmm..

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I totally wanted to be Gray **sigh**

 photo Alyssa-Milano-oops-boobs_gif_pagespeed_ce_iug2wxcM07_zps351a8e34.gif

Yep also gotta say Ian was a Total douche...

I really enjoyed the story line and the flow.. Nothing dragged and all was resolved with no major drama and just the right amount of angst.
Jas was damaged but with a little TLC and a whole lotta Gray lovin' all ended as it should!
These two together just about had my kindle up in flames.. Elizabeth Finn just knows how to write them scenes
They never get boring or repetitive just hotter & hotter..

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Clinging to Rapture (Rapture #2) ~ Megan D. Martin

Clinging to Rapture (Rapture, #2)

“I let you walk away, Julia. I let you go, but I can still take you back if I want.”

Four months ago I ran away. I left him behind. The man who stalked me, took control of my body, and claimed he loved me.

Now he’s returned. Like dripping razor blades, he has slashed his way back into my life. But everything is different.

He doesn’t want me anymore.

I expected him to come back, to be sorry. I even planned to forgive him. I should have known that he would discard me like everyone else in my life. But I’m going to change that.

My billionaire stalker has come to say goodbye…only this time I plan to keep him.

**ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review**

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4.5 Gonna make this swamp my BITCH stars!!!!

 photo 8020090_zpse4b4091a.gif

OOH Mr. Ripper....

I got just about everything I look for in my erotica reads with a twist!!!!

 photo seduction_gif_pagespeed_ce_4uZq8g5Fy4_zps0708405f.gif

We got to know so much more of Cole and I looooovvvveeeddd what I saw.
Totally scrumptious and so lickable!!!!

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I wasn't to happy about seeing Julia so vulnerable this time around but hey sometimes ones pride takes a hit now and then.

We started off right where it let off in Drowning in Rapture
Julia left with NOTHING and at her worst when she comes face to face with Cole..
We get so many questions answered but at the same time get thrown into a loop over and over again.

This addition to the story had more of a suspense theme to it which I devoured..
We got more plot and action, more mystery and emotion.. totally twisted at times
And when Cole and Julia finally let there needs take over it was Fabuloussssssss...

 photo 832943_zps8cdd5513.gif

These two together can really set your kindle on fire let me tell you.. The lust and desperation between these two -just WOW
Can't wait for Bound by Rapture

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