Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Under A Duke's Hand (Properly Spanked, #4) ~ Annabel Joseph

Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this fourth and final book in the Properly Spanked series…

A duke as wealthy and powerful as the Duke of Arlington requires, by matter of course, an elegant, perfectly pedigreed bride. Unfortunately, he must settle for the king’s choice: Miss Guinevere Vaughn, the rough-edged daughter of a border baron. She’s pretty enough for a Welsh hellion, but she hasn’t the necessary polish to succeed in London society. When Aidan explains that she’ll need to improve her manners—and her disposition—he finds himself locked in a vexing battle of wills.

Gwen never asked to wed a duke. Her new husband is haughty, inflexible, and demanding, and makes no secret of his disdain for her upbringing. No matter how hard she tries to please him, she’s never good enough. He disciplines her with an iron hand, and then expects her to submit to his vile whims in bed. Not that his whims are…completely…vile...all of the time. It’s only that her husband doesn’t love her, and she wants him to love her.

If only her feelings were not so complicated.

If only life was not so difficult Under A Duke’s Hand

So I took my romp and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!  I freaking Love this series 
and am SO sad it's over..

All the men were just so domineering, possessive, arrogant, wicked and deliciously lewd! Everything flowed so elegantly and I adored the whole erotic historical 18th Century theme..  Gahhh!! these story's had lust, passion & angst by the boat loads especially Aidan & Gwen's.. I was devouring every word, action, circumstance simply dreading the end of it!!
And as with every one of the Properly Spanked books the Disciplining scenes as well as the Love scenes were equally as SCORCHING!!!

Oh Yes!! and these were my Muse.. 
**Fan myself**

Aidan & Gwen had their rocky start as did all from the series as well as they got their much deserved HEA, blushing bottoms and all!! The ending was bitter sweet and had me teary eyed both due to the story and the impending knowledge that it would be the last.. 
I definitely enjoyed this series and recommend to all that enjoy a naughty historical read with an erotic twist and tons of SPANKING!!
These definitely can turn up the heat...

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