Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Taking The Fall: Vol 2 ~ Alexa Riley

Carter has finally claimed his woman and he's never letting her go... Having her has only seemed to fuel his obsession.

Old demons are coming for Cherry and he’s doing everything in his power to protect her. Can he keep her safe while looking over his shoulder? Will her new secret send him over the edge? Can they find peace in chaos?

Maybe the very thing that started it all could give him more than he could ever dreamed of. 

Warning: Volume 2 contains more sexy hotness, sweet gooey love, and an alpha male who would do anything for his Cherry. 

Haha!! what a fun ride this is taking us on..
Its Hot
It's Funny
It's Suspenseful
It's Sweet
We have a Virgin (well not anymore) Innocent Heroine
We have a Total Alpha who's AMAZING at Dirty Talk and he's apparently Hung!!!

"Oh Shit, Cherry. Can we do this? I mean, I know people do, but my dick is huge and I'm pretty sure there isn't enough room in that tight pussy for everything."
"I don't know. I think I should just fuck your ass. I've been wanting to claim you there too, and this is just as good of a reason as any" ~ Carter

"Uhmmm, Well, Okay, WOW - Holy Shit.." ~ me

I didn't know whether to giggle or pant  half the time, Carter is just so Yummy in a sexy overbearing cute growl-y way.. and it's so adorable how he dolts all over Cherry while still laying down the LAW!! 

Hoping to get some Saint and Jeanette unless we're getting a spin-off on those two?


So ready for the next bring on Vol 3!!!

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