Monday, April 13, 2015

Until July (Until Her, #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Wes Silver wasn’t looking for love, but when July Mayson literally knocks him on his ass during their first encounter, his world is turned upside down by the quirky blonde, and every moment with her makes him more determined to protect her. 

July Mayson doesn’t understand the pull she feels toward the bad boy biker Wes Silver, but she knows being with him is like nothing she’s ever felt before. Now all she has to do is tell her overprotective father, Asher Mayson, that she’s found her boom.

Welp All I have to say is BOOM!!! 
Aurora Rose Reynolds has nailed it again with the Yummy~Licious Wes Silver Alpha Extraordinaire and gave us a Sassy KICKASS HEROINE with July.. No doubt she was a Mayson through and through..

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I loved everything about this read.. It was funny, action packed and super HOT!!
I so had a girl crush on July with her bad~ass self.. She rode a motorcycle, didn't wait for anyone, had her own business and had natural beauty.
Wes was just Pure Alpha, super protective, loyal and the man could most definitely melt the panties off a prude with his dirty talk..

July was just full of sarcasm and sass and didn't let nothing or anyone stand in her way when her mind was made up.. The side stories were hilarious at times like when Kayan & July went under cover or when Wes would shoot off one of his sexual innuendos 

"Hell, if I were them, I would be looking too. It's not everyday you see two chicks dressed like cat-woman walk into a country western bar."

"Do you like cat's?"  ~ July
"His eyes come to me, and I see something flash within their green depths before he replies," "I love pussy" ~ Wes

I don't think I'll ever get enough of the Mayson clan!!! 
It was great to see the rest of the family and so awesome to get a glimpse of where some of their stories are headed.. ALL the side characters played a roll and I am anxiously awaiting for the next Mayson to find their BOOM!

So Ready for JAX!!!

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