Thursday, April 30, 2015

Collateral (Blood & Roses, #6) ~ Callie Hart


The final installment of Zeth & Sloane's story is here!

With Lacey missing and everything falling apart, Sloane and Zeth will do everything they can to get her back. If that includes facing off against Charlie Holsan, the DEA, and anyone else who gets in their way, then so be it.

Faced with heartbreak, danger, and the increasing need to protect the ones he loves, Zeth Mayfair is finally realizing what it means to have a family. With her fears coming full circle, Sloane must learn that forgiveness is the only way to move forward. 

This was one of my favorite series in 2014!!!
Everything has been Perfect from the first installment to the very last...
The wait wasn't torturous, the kinkiness and grittiness was just right and Zeth & Sloan were the shit..
Along with all the other characters and plot this was an addictive read.
I'm happy with the way it all played out even the sad tear jerking moments..
I was devouring those last few chapters while still trying to prolong them because I didn't want it to end.
Zeth definitely deserved his Angry Girl!!

I'm super excited and anxious to see what's to come next!!
by Callie Hart

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This is one series I won't stop recommending..

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