Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) ~ Kristen Ashley

Lanie Heron isn't looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club . . .

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She's too polished and too classy for his taste. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can't say no. And he doesn't regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that's ever happened to him-in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.

This was by far hands down my favorite Kristen Ashley Read!! 5+++ stars
Its my third series by KA and I am definitely making the time to read EVERYTHING she has written..

Hop and Lanie are perfect for each other. Hop provides that right amount of possessiveness that in no way seemed over the top, he continuously rode Lanie and wouldn't let her check back in her shell of guilt or fear.

"I'm right. You know it. You're hiding. Right out in the open, Lanie, you're trying to hide. Hide from me. Hide from everybody. I don't know about everybody, lady, but you gotta know, you're not hiding from me."

Lanie gave as good as she got and it kept it interesting. It wasn't over done with miscommunication (even though she's drama) Issues were addressed and handled with no lingering, unnecessary dragged out episodes....Hop was a complete sweetheart and I just couldn't stop grinning and giggling through their story..

"Do you find something amusing?" I asked irately through his laughter. Also through his laughter he focused on me and spoke. "Yeah, honey. The clue is me laughing". =0)

He was just the right amount of fun, sweet, sexy, badass and had some serious talent..
"You are the shit, Hopper Kincaid!"

All the other characters we're great. Loved Lis, Lanie's sister. And I've grown to love the way past characters all come into play..

Can't wait to see which characters from this series get their own stories High? Brick?
Anxiously awaiting.

Ride Steady (Chaos, #3) 
Is almost here! Yea Babe.....

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