Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conquering the Dark Axe (The Northern Knights, #2) ~ Amber Dane

A match made in hell…

Stubborn and Defiant 

Hardened by a lost love before, battle-scarred Rourke Thorsson accepts his fate…he must take to wife the sister of his dead betrothed. But the fiery Saxon hellion has not accepted hers and fights him every inch of the way. She possessed an unbreakable spirit none the likes of which he’d ever encountered and Rourke is determined to bend her to his rule~ no matter what it takes


With her sister now dead, strong- willed Lady Alexa is forced to wed in her stead to one of the most feared men in Northern England… the Dark Axe. The Norman warlord demands her total surrender and bounds her to him in more ways than one. And she vows to kill him before giving herself over to the unbridled passion he ignites within her.

Yet when haunting secrets unfold and old enemies return to exact their pound of flesh, Alexa's heart is tested and she is not sure if it’s strong enough to save them.

I read this out of order but would be fine as a stand alone...But I immediately purchased "Gem of Gravane " after finishing this one and cannot wait for Darc 's story hopefully we don't have to wait to long...I was pulled into so many emotions while reading this which was just what I wanted. Lately I've gotten lucky with great reads. This had it all a plot, villains, action, suspense, awesome Alpha male, romance (well the type expected of those times I guess) and literally heart wrenching moment's... I loved every minute of it .. I do want to advise there are some parts where the discipline was a bit harsh but I felt due to the circumstances I wasn't bothered by it at all! ...Amber Dane is now on my favorite list =0)

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