Sunday, April 5, 2015

Maverick (Roughnecks, #1) ~ Chelsea Camaron

Invisible – Unseen

He was the high school crush who never knew I existed. I am still the girl hiding against the wall.

Life for Kenzy Davis is far from easy right now. After ending a long term relationship, she is back in her hometown, starting over.

Maverick Collins works hard and plays even harder. An invisible illness shakes his world at its core as his father fights for his life. Everything he ever took for granted stares him in the face, including the shy girl from his past.

Watching someone you love battle an illness is never easy. When the ICU nurse caring for his dad is the one girl from his past he saw around but overlooked, does Maverick find comfort in her embrace? Does Kenzy find a new calm in the chaos of her life? Or do their feelings remain invisible yet again?

I've read a few of Chelsea Camaron's MC themed books and have enjoyed every one of them.. 
This one was so different and says a lot about about the author, not only can she write about a bunch of hard core bikers and get me all riled up about the next ride.. but she wrote such a real story that made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Kenzy moved back to her hometown, leaving behind everything she thought she wanted after finding out it was all a lie. She was a bit gadded due to circumstances but never let that overshadow the person she was loving, caring  and nurturing.  Kenzy had a job she loved although tough at times and a great friend to lean on with Jessika.

"It is over. Deuces. Peace out. I fold. I tap out. My white flag is waving. Moving on. Hello, giant moving trunk in the driveway! Buy a clue, mister!"

Maverick "Tapper" was your hometown popular guy, turned town available Hot Bachelor  who was not ready to settle until he found the one.. The same as his dad had, Maverick grew up in a home full of love and saw what his parents had shared and wouldn't settle for anything less. He worked hard and played even harder!

                 "Bottom line, for a man to have sex with a woman, she has to expose herself. She has to open the entry to the hole, a rabbit hole that I am not one bit hesitant to fall right into, slam into as the case may be. Willing women are always waiting for me to 'Tap That', but somewhere between the build-up and their orgasm, some of them lose sight of what we really share."

Maverick and Kenzy were brought together through an almost tragic loss, past regrets and new beginnings.

 This wasn't an insta-love story although it was a quick read. The attraction was always there but actions, time and family is what ultimately sealed their HEA.

"You. Are. My. Future" ~Maverick

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