Friday, May 1, 2015

Binge (7 Year Itch, #1) ~ Jennifer Foor

Flynn & Aria Roberts have had plenty of ups and downs during their seven year marriage. Everyone warned them not to wed so young - that they'd be missing out on the key years when people grow from young adults to mature individuals.

The only thing holding them together now is their love for each other, and even that is becoming questionable. To save the marriage, and the family they've already started, Flynn and Aria come up with an unconventional solution to help them find what's missing in their relationship.

The only problem is doing so involves rediscovering themselves completely, even if it requires them to be unfaithful. Can a marriage survive when vows are broken, or will chance encounters prove they've been missing out all-along?

Fulfill your deepest desires
Give in to temptation

This is the first book I've read by Jennifer Foor and definitely won't be my last
Flynn and Aria's story was so real - the insecurities - the resentments - the what if's...
So relate-able in fact I found myself comparing events..
I was a young wife & mom, I put my life on hold so my husband could go away and finish college, I married my high school sweet heart have gone through much of the same insecurities and doubts...
Bottom line we've all wondered at some point in our relationship..
Is the grass greener on the other side? 

Flynn was full of regrets and with all this guilt he harbored came across as Selfish and Uncaring.. He made rash decisions and lashed out instead of stepping back and taking in the issues as a whole... Aria was over the top insecure, I couldn't blame her at times but she just couldn't forgive and get past well the PAST. she'd lost all trust in Flynn, they'd both lost their desire to try and without the will their marriage started to unravel it lacked passion and turned destructive...
You could tell they both still loved each other due to all the back and forth but Aria was just all over the place, way to emotional and just kept giving mixed signals.. Flynn recognized his flaws and knew what he wanted so he was willing to do anything, forgive anything to keep his marriage & family!! 

Their story was one of self discovery, second chances, forgiveness & most importantly communication.. 

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