Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Stay, A Dark Romance ~ Chelsea Camaron

Fair Warning … 
This isn’t a sappy romance. It’s not sweet. It’s far from anything you would want to imagine. 
This is a story to leave you feeling dirty.

Nothing about us is normal.
Nothing about us is natural.

Can love ultimately be defined in such ways, truly? This is our story.

He is a hitman. The very one who took my family the night that changed us both forever. Something in my eyes stopped him from killing me. Something in my eyes called out for him to take me.

At ten he captured me, at fifteen he consumed me, and at eighteen he owned me.

Outsiders think he’s my father … that is so far from the truth.

Our twisted desires fuel the darkness that lies deep inside us both. My innocence never existed. He takes me as I am.

Wow oh Wow..

BUT NO HEA here.. 
There is child abuse - mental and physical and there is death - 
so if these are triggers for you I'm letting you know this is what the story is based on..
Heed the warning people there is no sappiness or sweetness NADA..
But a great story none the less another plus is that you get your pick of 2 Epilogues and 
NO it doesn't change the actual ending!! (which is what I was hoping for)
You're either an eye for eye type or a you deal and move on type..
Definitely a quenching Dark Romance Readers fix!!!

This was a story of stolen innocence and a twisted need at redemption
It was about new beginnings and dark desires and ultimately an obsession that 
lead to blood shed.
How can you not fall in Love with your captor when everything that you lacked, 

were deprived of  was provided by him?
Every nightmare comforted, every wish granted?
You'll have to read to see if you yourself wouldn't fall for this stranger!!

I DID!!!

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