Thursday, October 1, 2015

Until Jax (Until Him, #1) ~ Aurora Rose Reynolds

Ellie Anthony isn’t looking for love. She isn’t even looking for a man, but when Jax Mayson insists on keeping her and her daughter safe, she’s left with no choice but to trust him. Now she just hopes she doesn’t get hurt when she falls hard for a guy who’s known for breaking hearts.

Jax Mayson knows that Ellie is his BOOM the moment he sees her. When he finds out she has a daughter, he realizes he wants a family, and he will do whatever is necessary to keep both of his girls safe, even if that means facing the demons from his past.

Loved Jax!!!
Where are these Mayson men? Where?
BOOM shakalaka BOOM!!!
Ms. Reynolds is the Alpha Male writing Queen...

I feel like such a cougar drooling over Jax, I watched him grow up.. hahaha 
well read about him as a boy now a full grown man with a dirty mouth..

Jax was protective, a total pushover when it came to Hope and just well PERFECT!!
He fawned over his "girls" and denied them nothing.. Some of those scenes with Hope and Jax just had me grinning like a loon they were so cute!!

Ellie was so sweet but also so strong.. She went through so much and had a difficult time trusting, her every thought and move was for Hope.. Hell being screwed over by your own family would do that.. When she allowed herself to let the Mayson's in she realized what she could have and with obviously no choice fell in Love with them all..

As with the Mayson way of course she was claimed!!

"You've got a smart mouth, Maybe I should give you something to fill it."

This was such a great spin off addition to one of my favorite series..
The story lines, family support, panty drenching sex scenes and possessiveness of these men is enough to grab you from the start.. Yes their Insta - Love and yes the immediate attraction is far fetched but hell it's their BOOM.. and who am I to question destiny or fate?

Another one knocked out of the park Ms. Reynolds!! Keep them coming... 

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