Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unexpected Circumstances Book Five: The Concubine ~ Shay Savage

Royalty requires sacrifice.

As King Camden’s health declines, the need for an heir becomes crucial, impossible to ignore. With no other viable choice, Alexandra must stand stoically by when Hadley comes to the court of Silverhelm as Branford’s concubine. The queen’s edict of duty echoes through Alexandra’s mind as she accepts the loathsome conditions for the sake of the kingdom. The only person more devastated by the circumstances is Branford himself.

As Branford spurs Alexandra’s affections, and King Edgar continues press his post-war advantage, all seems lost to the young couple. Treachery still lies deep within the castle of Silverhelm, and the revelation of the traitor will come from the least likely of sources. 

Gahhh..I wanted to wait!! I tried talking myself out of reading it..
contemplated waiting till the very last minute
But I couldn't.. I didn't.. 
I knewwww what was going to happen.
I thought up a bunch of other story-lines prior to as well as while I read it..
But in the end the "story" must go on and be told as the author feels it should..
*sigh* beware there was nothing to smile about with this installment..
And now the waiting begins!!

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