Monday, January 13, 2014

Fallen Crest Public (Fallen Crest High #3) ~ Tijan

Sam's first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn't go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don't like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it's still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there's another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam's other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized.

This series is definitely one of my guilty pleasures =0)

I get my High school drama fix every time and love every minute of it.

This installment had a lot of this as usual…

 photo party_hard_cat_gif_pagespeed_ce_UEzhhU6hX3_zps3268d04e.gif

Also a lot of this which was expected…

 photo tumblr_m9c0nsv4ZW1r6rh6lo1_500_zps4ee8fde5.gif

Now this part **clears throat** was awesome (Sam did not play)!!!

 photo fight_gif_pagespeed_ce_d7a1g2GpD-_zps2f41c1a3.gif

But this **Eyes Wide** was just not cool at all Kate’s one psycho BITCH

 photo whoop-ass_zps2f5387a9.gif

And the ending was epic!!!

 photo blow_it_up_gif_pagespeed_ce_GJVha6-Eyo_zpse3d2329d.gif

We are definitely left with such an opening that I’m stocking up on my Ice cream and chocolate just to keep me sane through all my wild thoughts and the anticipation of what TIJAN has in store for when Mason goes to college (view spoiler), what will happen with Logan and Sam’s relationship (view spoiler)And what will happen with Brett because I KNOW he won’t be out of the picture!! OH and let’s not forget all the other characters and their drama.. LOVE IT!!

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