Thursday, February 26, 2015

Genie ~ Kitty French

Title: Genie
Author: Kitty French
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
Release Date: February 26, 2015

Meet Genie Divine, the wise-cracking London show-girl on a hell-bent mission to save her beloved family theatre.

Now meet Abel Kingdom, the Australian gym mogul determined to buy it out from underneath her. 

On paper they have nothing in common, and when they meet, they have even less. 

The only thing they DO have is chemistry. 

Undeniable, rip-my-clothes-off-and-do-me-now-against-the-wall chemistry. 

Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust. 

He wants her theatre. She wants him dead. 

The stage is set for an explosive summer…

 Welcome to Devine and prepare to be Mesmerized by the one and only Genie...

 This was such a fun and sexy read. I devoured it in one sitting.. I could picture the old theater, hear the sensual rhythm to the music and the background mummers...I adore the whole Burlesque theme behind the story line and how Passionate Genie was about it. throughout I felt as if I was watching a movie.

We start off meeting Mr. Kingdom - first impressions? broody & moody but 
Sweltering Hot 
and with that his first reaction to Genie and Devine!
 "What is this place? A theatre, or a fucking opium den?"

Genie Devine was this amazing, positive, confident young woman who knew herself and wasn't brought down easily. She was a fighter through and through. She had a wonderful Uncle and BFF 2 of the 3 most important people/things in her life. The 3rd being Devine! 

Now on to Abel mother effing K.I.N.G.D.O.M. Wow here's this tanned skinned, dark haired, dark piercing eyed larger than life Hunk of a man.. Successful and Self assured (or is he?) Abel just needed to keep that trap shut and we were good.. Everything out of his mouth was judgmental, mean and plain Hurtful!! The only time speaking was acceptable in my book was when he was talking dirty.. which we get tons of that as well..

            "So what exactly are you saying here, Abel? I'm your upstairs angel,             downstairs whore?"  "Not exactly, no, but if the cap fits..."

Lucky for us Genie is a hoot, Abel redeems himself and we get funny laugh out loud moments, tons of sexy time, we meet a few new friends and we get to find out who ultimately gets the real PRIZE!!

***Pssttt....After I finished this book I HAD to watch Burlesque again......

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