Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ink & Lies ~ S.L. Jennings

From International Best Selling Romance Novelist, Hope Hughes, comes a gripping, 
heartfelt tale of two lovers, fighting for the freedom to…

No. Scratch that. Too cheesy.

…two people, torn apart by the tumultuous tides of life, only to discover refuge in…

WTF? What does that even mean? DELETE.

…two people, confused as shit as to where they should be and who they should love and none of this means 
a damn thing because it’s all lies!
I’m not Hope Hughes. I’m not some fierce woman romance machine. Hell, I’m not even a woman.
I’m a liar.
And while I refuse to believe my own BS, deceit masked in heartfelt phrases of love and devotion, I want to make her believe them. Because maybe—just maybe—if she can 
find the soul within my words, she’ll also be able to find the truth scribbled on my heart.
You see, I once lived for the perfect plot twist.
I just never expected to actually live it.
This is my story. Well, maybe her story. I just wish I could make it our story.
The one I’m still writing.

A Fun Quirky Spin on a "Not what is EXPECTED" friends to lovers tale!!

There were SO many Laugh Out Loud moments.
August & Fiona have been best friends since college there are no secrets between them 
and I mean NONE.. From chatting about his sexual escapades on his revolving door over coffee to discussing her most embarrassing moments in the bedroom..
There was nothing off limits.. Or was there?

Fi never lost hope of finding her HEA  although August was adamant there was no such thing.


When the possibility of losing the most important person in his life causes August to REALLY see what was always in front of him..
Well lets just say he wasn't quiet expecting the outcome..
Time isn't always on your side..
The world just doesn't stand still for you to make up your mind..
and my favorite...
You Snooze, You Loose!!

Read It!!
and find out if August gets a HEA like the romance novels he writes or maybe the one he always thought never existed...

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